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Dog bite injuries can cause disfigurement, nerve damage and if not properly treated infections. When children are bitten by a dog the psycological effects can be long lasting. Hotchkin Law is here to help you recover damages due to dog bites.

What To Do If You Suffered a Dog Bite Injury

Pit Bull Injuries

Ask any pit bull owner and they will tell you, pit bulls get a bad reputation. It’s not their dog’s fault it other pit bulls, ones with bad owners. If almost any other dog has a bad moment, someone may get bitten but there is little chance they will be maimed for life or killed. If a pit bull or Rottweiler has a bad moment frequently someone is maimed or killed–and that has now created off-the-chart actuarial risk, for which the dogs as well as their victims are paying the price.

The fact that pit bulls have grown in popularity over the past two decades and the number of serious dog bites has also increased seems to follow suit. Pitt bull owners are aware of the power of their dog and need to be responsible for insuring their dog does not have the opportunity to injure anyone.

Though pit bulls account for less than 10% of the total dog population, they are the #1 cause of serious dog bites. Studies show that 81% of all attacks which caused bodily harm and 81% of maiming as well as 72% of the deaths were caused by pit bulls or other mossler breeds.

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Why You Need a Reno Personal Injury Attorney

Dog bite cases are complicated by nature. If you’ve been personally injured by a dog, it is in your best interest to contact a Reno personal injury lawyer. At Hotchkin Law, we work hard to offer our clients with legal service that is effective and affordable. To us you are a person in need and not just another case.

When you hire Hotchkin Law, you will benefit from:

We realize that after a personal injury, life can become increasingly difficult. We are here to help alleviate some of those difficulties and help get you fair compensation.

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