Reno Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer

Hotchkin Law Nursing Home Neglect Attorney

When you chose that nursing home for your parent, you thought it was going to be a safe environment for them. Now that you know otherwise, it’s time to file a negligence case against the nursing home.

They took advantage of your parent. They were negligent in their care. Your mom or dad may have been injured by one of the nursing home employees; it may have been the doctor. Nursing home abuse is very widespread so it’s up to you to break the cycle and file a lawsuit.


Most of the abuse reported in nursing homes centers around neglect. These homes are known for leaving stroke victims belted into wheel chairs unattended for hours at a time in hallways. The refuse to change diapers and bedding in a timely manner, which leads to infection and bed sores. The nurses; some of which are fresh out of technical school, spend their shifts texting their friends instead of giving your parents their meds on time.

Reno nursing homes are not listed on the top of any survey. If your parent were abused in a nursing home incident, Hotchkin Law can help you. We understand how much you love your mom, or dad, and that you want the very best care for them. Lead council, Lee Hotchkin will stand up for your parents, and make the nursing home clean up their act.

There is no excuse for nursing home neglect. The nursing homes are paid, and average of 85,000 per year for a standard room, plus extra for what they call 5 Star Care.

We are here to protect your parents from neglect while they are in the nursing home. We want you to be vigilant in your parents care while they are there, and watch out for medication errors, slip and falls incidents, watch for burns and bruises and muscle strains, most of all, talk to your parent and make sure they are not falling victim to physical, mental, or sexual abuse.

Remember this. “Abuse and neglect can be catastrophic, even fatal”. Let Hotchkin Law deal with the nursing home, you try to take care your parent. Lee Hotchkin can help you to obtain compensation for nursing home abuse. They can help you recover for any personal injuries and medical expenses that you have incurred as a result of this negligence. Worst case, Lee will fight for you to obtain the compensation you may be entitled to in any wrongful death case.